Abstract: Short Message Service (SMS) is an integral service of the mobile phone for users to communicate with people which is faster and convenient way to communicate. However, it has some limitations like incapability of searching and categorization of SMS, scheduling, marking SMS and there is scope to improve it. To overcome various limitations, we have proposed a mobile application with title MojoText - Text Messenger which solves real time problems of text messaging. Our system provides core functionalities of text messaging and beside tothat various facilities like categorization of messages based on personal, social, transactional and user defined categories with color codes, searching with customized date, scheduled text delivery, hiding of messages inside the app, reminders for due dates of billers, validity of texts, starred messages, pinned chats, signature, backup and recycle bin.

Key Words- Text Messaging App, SMS,Messanger, Categorization, Android SMS APP.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10210

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