Abstract: This article's primary purpose was to investigate the usage of artificial intelligence in electrical automation control systems (EACS). With the advancement of current science and technology, artificial intelligence technology has steadily impacted most elements of people's lives, notably in electrical and electronics automation control, with positive effects. Electronics and instrumentation tools and applications have much potential to perform better usingArtificial intelligence (AI) and its related applicability. AI advancements have transformed earlier modes of operation and infused new life into electrical automated control systems. The use of AI in electrical automation control signifies a paradigm shift from the traditional to the intelligent mode of operation, security, and innovation. Electrical automation control systems took many years to develop. Even if AI has a sophisticated technical framework, there is still much opportunity for improvement in these areas, which this article discusses in detail.

Keywords: Electrical automation control systems, AI, Technological adaptability, Automation, Fault detection, Cyberthreats

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111104

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