Abstract: With simulation, we imitate the operation of a real world process or system over time. It requires the use of models; model that represent the behavior or characteristics of the selected process or system. Computer are used to execute the simulation. In operating systems, OS-SIM is one of simulation application to represent the system characteristic or behavior of any process scheduling algorithm. Several scheduling algorithms in operating systems are available. There are preemptive shortest job first scheduling algorithm and non-preemptive shortest job first scheduling algorithm in operating system. Preemptive shortest job first scheduling algorithm is where when the shortest process arrives and is positioned at the head of the queue and interrupted the longer process. In this journal, we simulate preemptive shortest job first (SJF) algorithm with OS-SIM. Case study is discussed to understand the simulation thoroughly.

Keywords: Preemptive Shortest Job First, Scheduling Algorithm, OS-SIM

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11501

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