Abstract: Dermatological diseases are the most prevalent diseases worldwide. Despite being common, its diagnosis is extremely difficult and requires extensive experience in the domain. In this research paper, we provide an approach to detect various kinds of these diseases. We use a dual stage approach which effectively combines Computer Vision and Machine Learning on clinically evaluated histopathological attributes to accurately identify the disease. In the first stage, the image of the skin disease is subject to various kinds of pre-processing techniques followed by feature extraction. The second stage involves the use of Machine learning algorithms to identify diseases based on the histopathological attributes observed on analyzing of the skin. Upon training and testing for the six diseases, the system produced an accuracy of up to 95 percent. This paper proposes a skin disease detection method based on image processing techniques. This method is mobile based and hence very accessible even in remote areas and it is completely non-invasive to patient’s skin. The patient provides an image of the infected area of the skin as an input to the prototype. Image processing techniques are performed on this image and the detected disease is displayed at the output. The proposed system is highly beneficial in rural areas where access to dermatologists is limited.

Keywords: Dermatology, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Computational Intelligence, Automated Disease Diagnosis

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8448

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