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Abstract: Agriculture is basic source of livelihood People in India. It plays major role in economy of country. But now days due to migration of people from rural to urban there is hindrance in agriculture. Monitoring the environmental factor is not the complete solution to increase the yield of crops. There are no of factors that decrease the productivity to a great extent. Hence Automation must be implemented in agriculture to overcome these problems. An automatic irrigation system thereby saving time, money and power of farmer. The Traditional Farm land irrigation techniques require manual intervention. With the automated technology of irrigation the human intervention can be minimized. Continuous sensing an monitoring of crops by convergence of sensors with Internet of things (IOT) and making farmers to aware about crops growth, harvest time periodically and in turn making high productivity of crops and also ensuring correct delivery of products to end, consumers at right place and right time. So to overcome this problem we go for smart agriculture technique using IOT. This Project includes sensors such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture and rain detector for collection the field data and processed. These sensors are combined with well established web technology in the form of wireless sensor network to remotely control and monitor data from the sensors.

Keywords: Arduino Uno, ESP8266 (Wi-Fi module), Automation of Irrigation System, Sensors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8419