Abstract: In this technical era, farming or agriculture industry in our country India is still working on the traditional ways it can be modernized with the help of the new technology available, to the livelihood as well as distribution & price control. With the help of this technology it will be easier to monitor farming productivity and also increase the profits in farming. IoT in the next few coming years will be the top connectivity in the farming field. This will offer a very precise crop controlling, automation water pump & pesticide spraying and many more advantages will be there of network farming. In this paper we developed a sensible and smart aquaponics farming monitoring system with the key technologies likes: IoT, Mobile computing (Application), different sensors, WIFI Module, GSM Module. This aquaponics system is the combination of both hydroponics and aquaculture concerning vertical farming. An important aim of this project is that it is beneficial for both fish and plant growth. In this   model, the same fish tank water is used for the plant growth where the bacteria in water will act as fertilizer to plant as the same plant water will be filtered and transferred. This fish tank makes reusing of water which will become cost-effective. This framing can be done anywhere as it doesn’t have any size or place limit. This can also increase the revenue of both fish and plant farming. It is very easy as it can be managed by anyone in a small place with the help of technology.

Keywords: Aquaponics farming, hydroponics farming, fish farming, crop irrigation.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9405

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