Abstract: Being in the decade of developing information technology, as well as the development of lifestyle of every individual as pursuit for a better life, people became busy doing things to earn a living. Life is not all about earning and working cycle. People tend to have hobbies and one of these is taking care of fishes in an aquarium.

Smart Aquarium “the smart homes for aquatic animals” is an idea that provides an artificial environment that aquatic animals need for their survival. In modern days, many people have fish as their pets at home. The fishes have been fed by the aquarist in the aquarium tanks which demands a proper setup for maintenance. The problems faced are changes in water quality, feeding the fish, maintaining the temperature, controlling the lights, and difficulty checking the conditions of an aquarium manually. Therefore, it's necessary to monitor the physical parameters closely and enhance the water condition. So, this project proposes a system that is equipped with sensors to be operated in real- time. It performs temperature monitoring, water pH level detection, turbidity detection, and fish feeding. An IoT- based system is implemented to monitor and deliver the status of the aquarium to the user's web application. This, intelligent aquarium management has been implemented with a temperature sensor, pH sensor, and turbidity sensor so that the fish is neither over nor underfed and thereby reducing the manual effort required in the maintenance of the aquarium. This research is significant towards IR4.0 system development in supporting fish pets and larger project for fish breeding in the pond can be sampled with this project that contributes to economy impacts for the country.

Keywords: IoT (Internet of Things), ESP, pH, Feeding, Internet, Temperature.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125166

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