ABSTRACT: Today technology is growing to a bigger extent, but there's no value-effective device for visually impaired folks. God precocious sense of vision to the human being is a very important side of our life. However, there are some unfortunate those who lack the flexibility of visualizing things. Throughout their daily lives, they need to face additional challenges. For a visually impaired person, it becomes not possible to try to his/her day to day activities, after you take them into account, you may notice that without the help of others they cannot walk towards their destination one has to guide them the directions. Therefore, sensible Blind stick will facilitate visually impaired folks in moving and permitting them to perform their work simply. The smart stick will have sensors embedded with it, thereby it senses the objects/intruder, when any objects or obstacles come in range of an ultrasonic sensor then the person is alerted with a quick response time using a vibrator and buzzer that provides voice output. The stick senses the item before the individual and provides the user direction with a vibration. This stick additionally incorporates a camera for effective obstacle detection. The system is meant to supply overall measures – Artificial vision and object detection. Coming up with a price-effective and economical blind stick is that the main aim of the project.

KEYWORDS: Arduino, inaudible sensing element, Camera, Object detection.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10445

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