Abstract: The Smart College Campus Portal project is aimed at developing an Online Intranet College Management System (CMS) that is of importance to either an educational institution or a college. The main idea behind this project is that due to the covid crisis all colleges were shut and many colleges were not able to carry out the daily operations that they used to perform on the floor. Also, colleges have to rely on third-party ERP systems to carry out operations which may cost the college/institutions. This project is developed by the collaboration of 4 students to help institutions carry out their activities even though college may remain shut. This project focuses on the Teachers, HOD, and students to carry out college activities just by sitting at home at ease. The system is developed by two main technology stacks 1) JDBC 2) Django. This system concludes that the system will be effective even though colleges are closed and follow an online mode of learning or even if they follow the usual way of learning. This system eradicates the use of paper and encourages students to follow digitalization.

Keywords: JDBC, ChatBot, Django, Attendance.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10483

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