Abstract: IOT-Internet of things, Internet being the ecosystem for physically connected devices, works with no human intervention for exchanging the data. “Smart Cradle”, an automatic cradle, a venture designed especially for those moms who are excessively busy and occupied with work. This system considers all the minute details required for the care & protection of the Baby in the cradle. The design of smartness & innovation comes with the use of technologies/methodologies which include Internet of Things, Cry Detecting Mechanism, Cloud Computing & User Friendly Web application. In order to detect each & every activity of Baby, different Sensors/Modules are attached to the Cradle. Humidity & Temperature Sensing Module for detection of Wetness of the bed, Cry Detection Circuit to analyze Cry Patterns. The data which is been taken from the sensors will be stored in Cloud& analyzed at regular intervals. A Health Algorithm is applied to these datasets to get information about the body conditions which is helpful as any regular symptoms of a disease can be identified easily.

Keywords: Baby monitoring, Smart cradle, Internet of Things, Sensors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10575

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