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Abstract: The sense of vision is an important aspect of human being life. But, unfortunately some people lack the ability of visualizing things. Visually impaired people find difficulties and has to face many challenges in their daily lives . The normal stick used , do not provide any ways to detect obstacles in ahead of them and also it is not efficient for those kinds of people.
The smart stick comes as a proposed solution to enable them to identify the world around them probably in better ways. In this project we propose a solution for visually disabled people for improved navigation . This system helps in providing the artificial vision and detecting the obstacles or objects in prior.
The main aim of the proposed system is to provide low cost and efficient navigation tool for the visually impaired persons who can feel or sense and gain information about the environmental scenario of stable and unstable objects around them. The Ultrasonic sensors, which calculates the distance of the obstacles around the blind person to guide them to available path in form of sequence of beep sound which the blind person can hear . The use GSM and GPS sensors helps in case of emergency and track down the location information the blind person through the smart phones. The smart stick is of low cost and highly efficient.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10737

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