Abstract — Every person in this world throws waste in the form of plastics, wet waste, dry waste and etc. Also, every person looks for a place or a plastic container to dispose that waste, that plastic container is the Dustbin which they look for. Dustbin is a plastic container where everyone can dispose their waste. The main components they used in making this prototype are Arduino, Servo Motor and Ultrasonic Sensors.

The software component is the application named as Blynk which is used to get notification. In the recent decades, Urbanization has increased tremendously. At the same phase there is an increase in waste production, keeping in focus the crucial issue of waste management and recycling, a smart dustbin is built on a micro controller based plat from Arduino Uno board which is interfaced with embedded systems, which enables us to segregate wet and dry waste automatically and collecting both type of waste in individual containers. In this project, a system has been proposed which reduces the collection of wet waste and dry waste altogether in household as well as in public which is non-recyclable.  The dry waste that will be collected separately can be recycled efficiently and lessen the chances of air and soil pollution

 Keywords— Internet of Things, Arduino UNO, Ultrasonic Sensors, Smoke Sensor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12556

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