Abstract: Garbage bins are found at all the places in a particular collage, school, hospital, bank, shopping malls etc. Every time it is not possible to check whether the bin is full or empty, so in this paper we come up with a solution to monitor the status of every bin inside the campus area of any school, collage or any other place. Here we actually use
arduino board connected to an ultrasonic sensor and a Wi-Fi module and this entire system is connected to every single bin inside the campus area. The ultrasonic sensor is directed towards the face of the bin and whenever the bin is less than 5 cm empty the status of the bin will be shown as full, otherwise it will be shown as empty. We actually aim to implement the system inside the campus of the VIT University. There will be a webpage displaying the status of the bin.There will be a centralized server which will access the status of the bins at regular intervals and inform the sweepers accordingly. The WiFi module will actually send the data to the nearest router and it is expected to route through the routers and send the correct data to the server every time. This is an IOT-Based Garbage system , and as a part of future work we hope to implement the payment module in this system, where the users using the bin have to pay online maybe weekly or monthly.

Keywords: Arduino UNO, Ultrasonic Sensor, Wifi ESP module, Garbage.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101119

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