Abstract: The advancement in the mobile devices, wireless and web technologies given rise to the new application that will make the voting process very easy and efficient. The E-voting promises the possibility of convenient, easy and safe way to capture and count the votes in an election. This research project provides the specification and requirements for E-Voting using an Android platform. The e-voting means the voting process in election by using electronic device. The android platform is used to develop an E-voting application.

In the proposed method the concept of e-voting application is created using android. The authentication is done through the face recognition through the mobile camera application. In this method the voter has to register using the application and the face recognition will be provided once the registration is successful. On scanning the face, the voter will be asked for the password. Once the authentication is done the voter is made to proceed with the voting process. The main purpose of implementing this concept is to increase the voting percentage. So that the voter is not required to visit the voting center to cast their vote and also to avoid fake voting.

Keywords: Privacy, E-voting, Smart phone, Face detection, Mobile Camera, One Time Password, Voter, etc

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9807

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