Abstract: With the advancement of technology and more dependency of people on smart phone and increasing demands of easy and quick way of solving Daily life task, it has become very important to have a technology which can control over the domestic and industrial applications using IOT. Our work is to ‘Sensing and controlling the world around using Arduino and IOT ‘deals with embedded technologies along with internet of things (IOT) using Arduino which employs the embedded block and script programming for Arduino and sensors like Temperature sensor, LDR, Motion Sensor, WI-FI module.

In this work we present a home automation technique. The sensors will be interface with Arduino. The status of our home appliances will get uploaded to a cloud platform through wireless module. Our system and mobile should be connected over same wireless network. Our sensors will be able to enable or disable the sensors which will be in control of the user. This work will serve as an example of how IOT applications can make our life easier.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124155

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