Abstract: This project is significant in various ways because in today's world, everyday many lives are affected because the patients are not timely and properly operated. Also, for real time parameter values are not efficiently measured in clinic as well as in hospitals. Sometimes it becomes difficult for hospitals to frequently check patient’s conditions. Also, continuous monitoring of ICU patients is very difficult. To deal with these types of situations, our system is beneficial. Our system is designed to be used in hospitals and homes also for measuring and monitoring various parameters like temperature, ECG, heart rate, pulse rate. The results can be recorded using Arduino. Also, the doctors can see those results on android app. The system will also generate an alert notification which will be sent to doctor. Our system is useful for monitoring health system of every person through easily attach the device and record it. In which we can analysis patient’s condition through their past data, we will recommend medicines if any emergency occurred through symbolic A.I.

Keywords: ECG, Heart rate, Temperature, Pulse rate.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10428

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