Abstract: Agriculture helps to meet the basic needs of human and their civilization by providing food, clothing, shelters, medicine and recreation. Agriculture provides food, feed, fiber, fuel, furniture, raw materials and materials for and from factories; provides a free fare and fresh environment, abundant food for driving out famine; favors friendship by eliminating fights. Crops ranks sixth among pulses production in world and major legume crop. Average world production of crops is at 3.0 million tons in the last six years (2000-05). The area under cultivation is stagnant at 4.5 million hectares in the same period. Crops are drought resistant and can be grown in areas with less than 650 mm annual rainfall. World production of crops is estimated at 46,000 km². About 82% of this is grown in India. Hence it is necessary to develop android application for crops crop. It is beneficial for farmer to have all information related to crops crop. This app will contain crop information and disease related to crop.

Keywords: Climate, Sensors, climate, agricultural productivity, crop production, prediction, Internet of Things

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8215

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