Abstract: Water scarcity is one of the most important natural resource problems to be paid more attention to. Traditional agriculture methods required more water supply due to which irrigation was introduced in 6000 B.C. in the Middle East's Jordan Valley. Due to the development of new technology and introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) many problems can be efficiently handled. Embedded and microcontroller systems provide solutions for many problems. The smart irrigation system has become a new trend in the field of agricultural irrigation. This paper proposes a soil moisture sensor-based smart irrigation system. This can be implemented by installing soil moisture sensors in the agriculture field to monitor the moisture level in the soil which in turn transfers the data to the microcontroller to evaluate the water demands of plants.

Keywords: Soil Moisture Sensor, Microcontroller, Smart Irrigation, Arduino Uno

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101125

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