Abstract: In our nation, the sanitation has always been a major issue. In most significantly, this issue is not just concentrated to the rural areas but is also wide spread in urban and semi urban areas .The people do not show the same level of concern when it comes to keeping the public sanitation systems clean as they show towards the ones at their homes. Right to good health and sanitation is one of the goals to be achieved as per the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Organization, 2000.However in India, the scenario of public toilets is still dismal. One of the reasons for this is that the people do not bother to clean up after they use the toilet. These places are thus the breeding grounds of bacterial germs like Escherichia coli and many deadly diseases. Many people sometime prefer discomfort to using these toilets. Looking at such troubles, the decision to construct a self flushing toilet was made that simply utilizes the weight of the person using it as its working mechanism. The system consists of a platform supported on springs and the lever arrangement that flushes after use. The lever is pivoted in such a way that it will lower itself when weight is applied downward and when the load is released, this will strike the flush and hence in this way water is flushed out to clean the toile. The design is robust and cost effective. Sensors or any kind of electrical transducers are not required in the construction of these toilets. As the old saying goes "cleanliness is next to godliness", this is a public welfare project which aims to propagate a cleaner and hygienic society and hence, take our nation to the heights of glory. The automatic urinal flushing system has been developed in the market for a long time. However, none of them is smart. No information is collected from the traditional automatic urinal flushing system. No one knows how many times it has been used in a day. No operational status is informed unless users have to be present right in front of them.

Keywords: IoT, Smart Toilet, Sensors, Automatic Urinal Flusher, MQTT

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9107

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