Abstract: This research paper delves into the world of luggage tracking, presenting a highly innovative system that utilizes the powerful technologies of IoT, GSM, and GPS components. Through this system, luggage can be accurately tracked in real-time, delivering highly precise location-based information to the user. The system's architecturally advanced design features an intricate combination of components, including a microcontroller, GPS module, GSM module, and IoT platform, all working together in unison to produce an incredibly efficient and reliable system. The microcontroller, a highly advanced component at the heart of this system, plays a critical role in processing GPS data, which is then sent to the IoT platform using the impressive GSM module. Once the platform receives the data, it processes it with an incredible level of precision, displaying a geographical depiction of the position of the luggage. The system's broad range of potential applications is truly awe-inspiring, with its usefulness extending to luggage tracking for airports, hotels, and transportation companies, to name but a few. This comprehensive study highlights the power and effectiveness of integrating IoT, GSM, and GPS technologies into a single cohesive system, opening up vast new possibilities for future research in this captivating field.

Keywords: GPS luggage tracking, GSM, Internet of Things, IOT, Wireless luggage tracking

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12403

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