Abstract: The proposed smart medical box is designed to address medication adherence challenges, particularly among the elderly. It consists of a companion phone application for initial setup and remote operation, allowing users to specify pills and schedule them at varying times throughout the day. An Arduino board/ESP 8266 controls the operations and connectivity functions of the box, which only unlocks for a short time in the specified slot. Notifications for missed or low-stock medication are sent to the app, and the system logs usage statistics. Implementation on a larger scale using IoT-based platforms can benefit institutions such as old-age homes and nursing homes, improving medication management, sanitation, and safety, and reducing drug overdependence. The proposed system offers a potential solution to medication mismanagement challenges by providing visual and auditory cues to reduce confusion and improve medication adherence. By using technology to regulate pill intake and generate medication adherence reports, the smart medical box has the potential to significantly enhance medication management for patients, especially the elderly, and improve overall healthcare outcomes. The records can be sent to the administrator who can further notify the participants.

Keywords: Smart Medical Box, Medication adherence, Companion phone application, Pill scheduling, Arduino, IoT- based, Healthcare outcomes.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125151

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