Abstract: Internet of Things provides the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Smart mirror is one of the most important applications of IoT. This mirror provides common information most people check their smart phones or tablets. This allows the users to think their plan for the day while getting ready in the morning or night. Raspberry Pi4 controlled mirror application software designed and developed by means of software to display the data like news, see a traffic report, weather forecast for the day, and your day’s schedule. We are utilizing our voice services to make our gadget intelligent. As the world get developed day by the day technology get improved as a result of this Smart Mirror can proved the best alternative for the Normal mirror .it will replace our mirror with the Smart Mirror which will help the consumers to live a easy and comfortable life without any hurdles. We have proposed the system in such way that the feels comfortable while using the system and anyone can use the system easily. Smart Mirror is the mirror which is a combination of the 2-way mirror, Display, Raspberry pi, PIR sensor, Microphone, Speaker etc., project generally help the people to use the Mirror in Smart way for the better life. We have used the Alexa for the voice Service. Python and Javascript (Node.js) programming tools are used for programming of the Project. We have connected to the two mirrors with the display and connect it with the raspberry pi kit which is further connected with the PIR sensors and microphone and speaker.as Bluetooth module is already present in the raspberry pi kit sso there is no need to connect the one. It is very convenient to access the media and other information with the help of the Smart mirror. As the internet of things (IOT) allows devices to communicate in different and important places at the same time. Smart Mirror is the one of the important Application of the internet of things (IOT). The project generally works on the reduce the need of the user to make time to check the PC or the Tablet and mobile phone while morning and the night routine for the information they need.


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114183

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