Abstract: In past some decades we have seen the uses of the mirror the people traditionally use the mirror for their normal purpose like just seeing their face into the mirror but as technology get improved day by day the mirror got new purpose and can be improved as Smart Mirror. Smart mirrors are the future mirrors. It is a part of connected world where it displays news, temperature, weather and more information while looking and grooming ourselves in front of mirror every morning. Our System includes raspberry Pi model with IoT based circuit and a speech recognition device and we use specialized glass frame for encasing the system. This paper describes the design and working of the mirror build using given devices which is also known as the Smart Mirror. The features of these mirrors have been limited. Goal is to know about a Smart Mirror device that people could interact with and also to further develop the technology so that it would let you install and develop your own applications for it.

Keywords: Smart Mirror, Home Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Raspberry pi.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11460

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