Abstract: The technology is now going upwards everywhere in the globe with the tendency to rise even more. But the major backend support required for most of this technology is power supply. So, electricity is now becoming more and more important day by day. Even though the technology is trying to get rid of it, the rate of necessity is currently high. One of the problems faced by the electricity board is taking the reading from the meter to identify the usage of a customer. so a smart monitoring system that will help the electricity boards to fetch the readings of various houses and commercial buildings with the help of internet of technologies , without any intermediation, that makes the interaction possible between the customer and the electricity board through direct communication with mobile application and website and wireless network connectivity attached with Arduino board. Even the customers will be able to know how much power they are consuming so that the awareness among the customers can be developed which may help the nation to use the power carefully. Even we can find the faults, if any, in the meter. Through this, the aim of also conserving budgets regarding the government can be fulfilled by finding faulty meters and avoiding human errors.

Keywords: Cognitive Sensor, Energy Efficient, Reliable, Cost-effective

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8210

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