Abstract: The Internet of Things (Iot) is able to connect Millions of devices and services at any time, from anywhere in the world with the help of Internet. It also plays a major role in filling the gap between all the day to day things and the networking system, and thus creates a way to access all the non-internet objects from any distant location. With the growth of population and commercial development increasing day-by-day, the number of vehicles on the road is also increasing day-by-day. So that, spending too much time for searching a parking area/slot in the city will be a time waste process, which will lead to greater financial costs. Thus, it is very much important to develop an automated smart parking management system that would help the user to find a perfect parking space without wasting any time. In the proposed system, a user can search parking areas nearby the user’s location, choose and book for a slot in a parking area from the smartphone. The system also comes with real-time detection of improper parking and automatic parking payment collection. The proposed system in future will surely help users to overcome the difficulty of parking and also saves much of the user’s time.

Keywords: IoT, Cloud Computing, RFID Technology, Ultrasonic sensors

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10125

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