ABSTRACT: It has become easy to find accommodation close to the place of work. Previously, it wasn't easy to travel to a place of work over long distances and therefore had to lose good opportunities because we do not know where to stay and where we do not know a particular city. Users can find several paid accommodations near the workplace or desired location in this online paid guest system. Even the user can add their desired locations and get the tenant easily by uploading a photo and details of the respective location. The user can register for a login ID and password in this system. With the login ID and password, the user can log in. After logging in, the user can publish the paid guest post by adding details and photos of the location. He can also see interested users in his downloaded message. The uploaded post can be removed or deleted. The user can also see the paid accommodation, and after getting the desired place, he can select the place he is interested in. After choosing the desired location, the user will get the owner's details, he can get in touch with the owner and make an appointment for further processing.

Keywords: Accomodation, Travelling Users, Login ID and Password

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12420

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