Abstract: Individual well being is a standout amongst the most essential worries for ladies, as wrongdoing against ladies has not diminished. These days, different gadgets are accessible in business sectors which claim to ensure ladies from numerous points of view. Still there emerges the need of a defensive gadget which goes about as a watchman at time of an assault.. A smart security wearable device for women based on Internet of Things is proposed. It is implemented in the form of a smart ring and comprises of Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi camera, buzzer and buttons to activate the services. This device is extremely portable and can be activated by the victim on being assaulted just by the click of a button that will fetch her current location and also capture the image of the attacker via Raspberry Pi camera. The location and the link of the image captured will be sent to predefined emergenacy contact numbers or police via smart phone of the victim thus preventing the use additional hardware devices/modules and making the device compact.

Keywords:  Raspberry pi zero, GPS, Smart ring, raspberry pi camera, android application

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7619

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