Abstract: Smart supply chain is a must, not a choice, in the age of Industry 4.0 to meet global demands. This paper attempts to classify how Artificial Intelligence (AI) contributes to smart supply chain organization by systematically reviewing the existing literature. The article focuses on addressing the current research gap of artificial intellect in smart source chain management. Additionally, the research paper tries to identify how AI and Microsoft 365 are used in smart supply chain management to improve their effectiveness. Thus, the paper identifies the existing and possible AI techniques and Microsoft dynamics 365 to facilitate the research and practice of supply chain management. The main areas covered in the study on how AI is used in smart supply chain management include AI in intelligent delivery management, implementation of AI in Facebook, AI in smart retailing, and AI in smart manufacturing. In addition, the research demonstrates how smart supply chain utilizes Microsoft 365 by focusing on Supply Chain Managing and Microsoft Energetic forces 365, the Benefits of Microsoft Energetic forces 365 Supply Chain Management, Why Microsoft 365 Should Be Used in Smart Supply Chain Management, and Features of Microsoft 365 in Smart Supply Chain Management. This research paper offers perceptions via orderly examination and synthesis. Moreover, the research provides recommendations on how an intelligent supply chain can be improved using artificial intelligence.

Keywords: Smart supply chain management (SCM), Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft 365, Microsoft dynamics 365, manufacturing, smart delivery, and retailing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12106

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