Abstract:  The Automated Shopping trolley is an innovative consumer purchasing product that is designed to help shopper’s fast-track their shopping experience. This dramatically reduces shopping and checkout time. The RFID reader is placed on the trolley and the RFID tag will be placed on the products. The RFID tag has the individual unique ID for every products. So consumer can select the particular products without any error, if the RFID reader senses the particular product, it sends the signals to the PIC micro controller, which is used to read and count the product information and displays the total bill amount. It uses the ultrasonic sensor and IR sensors to follow the consumer like human follower, The IR obstacle sensor is used to senses the obstacle in supermarket while moving. If the load exceeds the threshold weight, the overload message is displayed and the buzzer sound is hear. The various sections of shopping mall is displayed in the LCD interfaced with the micro controller. It reduces the precious time of the consumer unnecessarily standing in the queue for billing &payment.

Keywords: RFID, Smart Shopping, Trolley, Human Follower, PIC Micro Controller

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8531

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