Abstract: The main purpose of the vehicle is to solve the problem faced by patients who are blind and differently abled. Vehicle aims at providing appropriate help needed by the patient. The vehicle has multiple functions which are designed in a way to serve according to the need of the patient. The function includes use of ultrasonic sensors for detection of obstacle and use of accelerometer which will help to drive the vehicle accordingly, it is useful for the people suffering from blindness. Vehicle is also designed to serve patients who are physically challenged by installing the circuit of gesture recognition along with flex sensors which will be mounted on the fingers of the patient. A specific finger movement would indicate a specific message. The message will be conveyed to the respective authorities about the patient needs, even in their absence via GSM module.

Keywords: ARDUINO NANO; Accelerometer; Wireless technology; WIFI Module; Flex Sensor; Internet of things


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8706

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