Abstract: Social media is very important factor in analysing modern society as a whole, their values, norms, and behaviours, as being a part of our everyday life. This study is oriented towards analysing social media in order to allow users to create their own preferences to follow (analyse) a specific social media source. The web application has been developed to allow a user to follow specific Facebook accounts and categorize the Facebook posts on those accounts based on the user defined taxonomies. Results of this study are various reports generated from the Facebook posts and their statistics that are clustered based on the user defined taxonomies. The benefit of this project is that any user can track in real time when people are talking about some topic, and it enables anyone to have better insight about society as a whole, their values, norms, what they find interesting, and many other things. This tool is also useful for different companies to track the user feedback on social networks for their products.

Keywords: Social media, people, society, generation.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114184

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