Abstract: Software processes for developing embedded devices is a challenge as devices tend to be long lasting and need regular software updates to sustain in modern world, one such electronic device is Oscilloscope which is used and precision evaluation and testing other electronic instruments. Software plays a vital role in such devices as managing large subsystems can pose a challenge, this paper focuses on software development process by taking a architecture such as SV methodology that resembles some of the existing frameworks of C which provides a better understanding for developers to design and maintain software. Database for embedded systems is less known but provides essential functionality for storage of subsystems. To design a system having a top-level design is essential to understand the instrument database and transactions happening in an oscilloscope. Understanding a product by taking Oscilloscope and focusing the software aspects which directly affects user experience is essential. Linux based systems is recommended instead of bare metal as it has existing essential features which can be used and developer need not implement all basic features from start.

Keywords: Oscilloscopes, Network file System, Instrument database, style, Transaction Manager

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11785

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