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Abstract: The integration of PV with the electric vehicle (EV) charging system has been on the rise due to several factors, namely continuous reduction in the price of PV modules, rapid growth in EV and concern over the effects of greenhouse gases. Over the years, numerous papers have been published on EV charging using the standard utility (grid) electrical supply; however, there seems to be an absence of a comprehensive overview using PV as one of the components for the charger. With the growing interest in this topic, it is timely to review, summarize and update all the related works on PV charging, and to present it as a single reference. For the benefit of a wider audience, the paper also includes the bries description on EV charging stations, background of EV, as well as a brief description of PV systems. Some of the main features of battery management system (BMS) for EV battery are also presented. It is envisaged that the information gathered in this paper will be a valuable one-stop source of information for researchers working in this topic. of vehicle-to grid (V2G) connection impacts.

Keywords: Integration, Comprehensive, Greenhouse, Charging, Growing, Photovoltaic, Vehicle.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10717

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