Abstract--Air pollution has become a serious problem these modern days. Air pollution is present outside in the environment and has become difficult to provide safety inside the house. This polluted air can cause many serious health problems in cities. If someone is suffering from breathing problems like Asthma or Sinus or suffering from any lung problem then air-purifier acts as a surviving tool. Air purifier reduces the chances of health issues caused by indoor pollutants, which directly trigger neurological problems, respiratory infection or symptoms in asthma suffering. Hence, the fabrication of a low-cost solar-powered air-purifier made using a HEPA filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Solar Panel, and some miscellaneous components that can become a low-cost but efficient alternative for surviving in such difficult times. This air purifier uses various processes like filtering large dirt particles on the first pre-filter, then capturing dust particles and smoke molecules at the HEPA-filter, and uses Carbon-filter to capture microparticles produces clean purified air. The analysis and results conclude that the Air Purifier can produce 96 percent of clean air and can run up to 14 hours a day by a solar-powered system.

 Keywords—Air pollution, HEPA filter, IOT, Carbon filter, Solar.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125200

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