Abstract: Mobile Internet is that category of service which the people can operate from their smartphone or any kind of mobile device not only to communicate with anywhere in the world, but also getting benefits in the field of education, E-commerce, social-network etcetera through internet according to their needs. Moreover, in the period of emergency time, i.e. "COVID-19" it has also seen that, the people of the world successfully communicated with the sector of medical service for their health and safety in whole 24 hours. But, without the proper utilization of bandwidth, it will be possible to ineffective for getting the people’s benefit from the Mobile Internet because firstly, bandwidth is very expensive, and secondly, without bandwidth the Mobile Internet is useless. Therefore, we have proposed a solution for a proper utilization of bandwidth for the area of Mobile Internet, which will provide the best utilization of bandwidth for the user of Mobile Internet and also influences to protect the unnecessary bandwidth and money waste.

Keywords: Bandwidth, Mobile Internet, Internet Traffic, Internet Users.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11806

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