Abstract: An AI bot to enhance the skills of the players in electronic sports. AI bot uses the algorithms Best First Search (BFS), A* with forward Search, and Almighty Move to automatically solve the classic snake game. Player can follow the simultaneously running AI bot to play the game effectively. To introduce the concept of AI Auto-Bot game solver, the work has been performed on the classic snake game which was first introduced in Nokia phones. The game is initiated with the snake of length one and the size of the snake increases by one, each time it eats a new fruit. Actions supported by the snake game simulates directions: ‘UP’, ‘DOWN’, ‘LEFT’, ‘RIGHT’. The snake moves with its head in the front direction followed by its body. The game terminates in two conditions they are, the head of the snake collides in its own body and the head collides to the walls of the game board.

Keywords: Best first search, A* search, A* with forward checking, Random move, Almighty move.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9615

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