Abstract— The development of technology has brought significant advancements in various aspects of life, using this technology we are coming up with a website that is called as Spatiotemporal Information System (STIS). It is a type of information system that integrates spatial and temporal data to support decision-making processes. The Perspicacity (the quality of having ready insight into things or information) System is a system that we are trying to build that provides all the necessary data, both to the user and the hospital which will help in reducing the response time in case of an emergency and reduce the burden on the ED (Emergency Departments). The proposed project focuses on the development of a web-based platform aimed at providing emergency medical assistance to users. The platform features a user-friendly home page where individuals can register and seek assistance when needed. When requesting emergency assistance, users are prompted to specify the reason for their emergency. This information is then transmitted to the chosen hospital, which can accept or reject the user's request through an interface designed for hospital personnel. A chat box interface facilitates communication between the user and the hospital, enabling the exchange of essential details. Users also have the option to link their phone numbers for voice communication with the hospital. Overall, this project aims to streamline and improve the process of accessing emergency medical services by providing a user-friendly and efficient platform for users to register, request assistance, communicate with hospitals, and track the progress of their requests.

 Keywords— Spatiotemporal Information Systems, Perspicacity, Emergency medical assistance

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12629

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