Abstract: Agriculture is one of the major sources of income in India. Agriculture faces lots of challenges, farmer needs to handle all the challenges. For example, farm maintenance, different diseases on crop and infelicitous management of pesticides. Diseases in plants results in reducing of yield in the plant. Hence detection and identification of diseased plant are important task with continuous monitoring of the crop and apply appropriate pesticides for the better yield of the crop. Generally, whenever a plant(s) is infected with mosaic virus, its symptoms are usually seen on leaves like dark spots, black traces, etc. The amount of infection affected to the plant can be approximated by analyzing the infection symptoms on leaves. To address this problem, there is a need to develop a system which continuously monitors the crop and detects the diseased plants and take appropriate action automatically. Hence, we proposed an automated system called “Spray-Robo” which detects and reacts for the diseased plants using image processing technique and robotic mechanism. Spray-Robo will be able to spray pesticides for the diseased plants with appropriate quantities.

Keywords: Spary-Robo, Image Processing, Identification of Diseased Plant, Spray Pesticide

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9655

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