Abstract: Working-class people frequently suffer from mental health illnesses due to stress. In the past, there have been questions expressed about the same in numerous researches. According to a study conducted by the industry association Assocham, more than 42 percent of working professionals in the Indian private sector experience depression or generalized anxiety disorder as a result of their long work hours and demanding deadlines. According to a 2018 Economic Times story citing a poll by Optum [1] that found that half of working professionals in India experience stress, this number of people is growing. Up to 8 lakh employees from more than 70 significant enterprises, each employing 4,500 or more people, responded to the survey, which was taken into account. It is crucial to prioritize keeping the workplace stress-free. It will increase the likelihood that such measures are successful if employees who would require such assistance are identified early. To aid working professionals in managing stress for their mental health, a number of measures can be implemented, including counselling support, career advice, stress management exercises, and health awareness campaigns.

Keywords: Clustering, Random Forest, Decision tree, graph representation, SVM.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11767

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