Abstract:The fabrication of thin films Cu2S/CdS by cost affecting spray pyrolysis technique is demonstrated. Thin films of CdS were deposited onto antimony doped tin-oxide (ATO) substrate later Cu2S film was formed by dipping the alloy films in a heated solution of CuCl. The structural and morphological properties of these thin films were studied by recording X-ray diffraction patterns and atomic force microscope images. The X-ray diffraction pattern of Cu2S/CdS reveals the peaks due to both Cu2S and CdS materials and leads to the confirmation of Cu2S/CdS thin film formation over the ATO substrate. Further, the Cu2S/CdS thin film-based device was fabricated by forming top contact through complete metallization of the Cu2S with tin paste. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of Cu2S/CdS device reveals diode behavior under applying bias voltage across. Furthermore, the various diode parameters such as ideality factor, saturation current, barrier height, and series resistance were also estimated using different diode equations. The Cu2S/CdS device exhibits slightly Ohmic characteristics and attributed the presence of defect states at the Cu2S/CdS interface. Thus, this study may emerges out to be very fascinating for further fabrication of solar cells based on Cu2S/CdS thin films.

Keywords: Spray pyrolysis, CdS, Cu2S, XRD, I-V characteristics

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124131

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