Abstract: The technological development and have an effect on of computers and internet on our lives that has been verified over time affected a number sectors of activity. And nearly each mission today is being run via computer systems. In this paper, a computerized platform for managing the results of all categories of students in a seamless and interactive manner is presented. The system was developed using PHP, CSS, HTML, MYSQL and was hosted locally using an Apache webserver. The present-day lookup aims at growing a web-based scholar result administration system, decreasing time, effort and improving security. The methodology adopted for the elaboration of the lookup is based on a qualitative study. Use case diagram is presented to show the different categories of the system users and the various functionalities associated with the different system users. Screenshots of various system functionalities are presented from the test run of the functional system. Firstly, ER design of the Student Result Management System is described, and numerous factors are covered in it. Secondly, a practical module design for Student Result Management System is provided, in which three kinds of users are designed in this system, that is, admin, faculties, and students.

Keywords: System Administration, Student Online Result, Educational Institute, Graphical User Interface.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10480

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