Abstract: —This paper presents an analysis of email-based monitoring and alerting systems, including their architecture, functionality, and implementation. The benefits and potential drawbacks of using such a system are discussed, along with a case study of its implementation in a real-world business application. The study examines the different components of the system, including monitoring agents, email servers, and alerting engines, and the different types of alerts that can be generated. The benefits of using an email-based monitoring and alerting system are highlighted, including reduced downtime, increased system availability, improved response times, and enhanced customer satisfaction. A comprehensive analysis of existing email-based monitoring and alerting systems is also presented, along with a survey of their features and capabilities. The effectiveness of these systems in different environments is discussed, and potential drawbacks, such as false alarms and ongoing maintenance, are examined.

Keywords: Email-based monitoring, AWS CloudWatch, Apache Kafka, Monitoring and analytics

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12625

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