Abstract: This project is aimed at development a Web application that depicts online shopping of plants, seeds ,fertilizers and flowers etc. products .Using this software , companies can improve the efficiency of their services. Online Shopping is one of the application to improve the marketing and sale of the company’s products. This web application involve all the basic features of online shopping.
As getting the information from various research papers and other sources we analyse that many peoples want to buy a plants and they directly concerned to nursery but sometimes people doesn’t know specific information about particular plant items as well seller is not technically skilled.
Customer doesn’t compare plants pricing with different shopkeeper as well as in nursery there is no facility for online payment only cash may consumed.So, in this case e-nursery is platform where customer can compare plants pricing and make online payment easily. Customer service is extremely important. We want each customer to have a pleasant shopping experience, and it is the intention of our staff to answer questions with expertise and to offer advice when we feel it is needed.
Retain customers to generate repeat purchases and make referrals. Continue to expand daily sales by adding to the variety of plants we sell. Communicate with our customers through creative advertising.”

Keywords: Recommender System, E-Commerce, Product Sales, Social-media Marketing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12116

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