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Abstract:  A database is only as functional as query interface allows it to be. If a user is not capable to communicate to the database what user wishes from it, even the richest data store provides petite or no value. Writing well-structured queries, in languages such as SQL and XQuery, can be challenging due to a number of reasons, including the user’s lack of familiarity with the query language and the user’s ignorance of the underlying schema. A form based query interface, which only requires filling blanks to identify query parameters, is precious since it helps make data users with no knowledge of official query languages or the database schema. In practice, form-based interfaces are used frequently, but usually each form is designed in an adhoc way and its applicability is restricted to a small set of fixed queries.
Query form is one of the majority used user interfaces for querying databases. Traditional query forms are designed and predefined by developers or DBA in various information management systems. With the rapid development of web information and scientific databases, modern databases become very large and complex. Dynamic question type system: DQF, a question interface that is capable of dynamically generating question forms for users. Different from ancient document retrieval, users in information retrieval area unit usually willing to perform several rounds of actions (i.e., refinement question conditions) before distinctive the final candidates.
The essence of DQF is to capture user interests throughout user interactions and to adapt the question type iteratively. Every iteration consists of two sorts of user interactions: it contains only a few primary attributes of the information. The essential question type is then enriched iteratively via the interactions between the user and our system till the user is satisfying with the question results. Goal of this Project is to show that the advantages of using dynamic query forms for database over the existing static forms for database.

Keywords:  DQF, Query Forms, Query Generation, Query Execution, Ranking.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7515