Abstract: This paper demonstrates digital security vs. private information. Digital security will be considered a world security agenda that will concern protecting states and citizens from the misuse of sensitive information. By using privacy and security measures, a corporation can manage the protection threats related to it. Moreover, it is a significant a part of the organization because it prevents financial and reputational damage for any organization. This report aimed to know the small print of digital security and also the issue associated with the identical in terms of handling private information. It sets the objectives and background to the study within the introduction section. It then went on to research the methodology section. a combination of primary and secondary research was employed in this project, using survey and thematic analysis. The research paper then collected data and analysed the identical with the assistance of MS Excel graphs and charts and peer-reviewed journals and articles. This report is ready to satisfy the digital economy and manage the digital security and privacy risk for various organizations' social and economic prosperity. This paper discusses the critical dimensional areas towards digital security to attach with the digital environment and privacy of the knowledge technologies. This paper has been articulated risk management by analysing the possible threat areas to comprehend the present situation. It came up with the knowledge that digital security has the prospect of causing significant issues while storing and securing private information.

Keywords: Digital security, encryption, RFID, risk assessment.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.116111

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