Abstract: Now a day's cloud computing is used in many areas like industry, military colleges, healthcare etc. to storing huge amount of data. We can retrieve data from cloud on request of user. To store data on cloud we have to face many issues. To provide the solution to these issues there are n number of ways. In Cloud Users can remotely store their data to cloud & realize the data sharing with other. In Some Common cloud storage system such as the electronic health records system, the cloud file might contain some sensitive information. Encrypting the whole shared file can realize the sensitive information hiding, but will make this shared file unable to be used by others. In cloud computing more Sensitive information hiding in cloud. This is very big problem that remote data integrity auditing scheme that realizes data sharing with sensitive information hiding in this cloud. In our System, our scheme makes the file stored in the cloud able to be shared and used by others on the condition that the sensitive information is hidden, while the remote data integrity auditing is still able to be efficiently executed. Meanwhile, the proposed scheme is based on identity-based cryptography, which simplifies the complicated certificate management.

Keywords: Cloud service provider (CSP), cloud server (CS), Encryption, Decryption, Delay, Integrity.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114178

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