Abstract: Cloud computing offers the IT services to users. Cloud computing provides us cheaper, faster, flexible, efficient environment. Cloud computing provides multitudinous benefits to both service provider and customer. Security, being the major issues which hinder the growth of cloud computing service model due to the provision of handling confidential data by the third party is risky such that the consumers need to be more attentive in understanding the risks of data breaches in this new environment. Due to various advancements many companies are migrating to cloud environment. However, the security of cloud computing has been a challenging one. For increased security, the recommended approach is to combine two or more methods processes, the DNA sequences are used with Morse code and zigzag pattern, for encoding scheme. Use of Morse code and Zigzag pattern makes the attacker much harder to steal original data. Furthermore, the proposed scheme is implemented and the accuracy of encryption and decryption of data is verified.

Keywords: Morse code, DNA sequences, Cloud Computing, Morse Pattern, Zigzag Pattern, Data Block Security, Encryption, Decryption, Key Rotation.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71214

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