Abstract: The major objective of our project is to lessen movie piracy. The most common method of film piracy is to record a movie being seen in a theatre with a camera, edit the footage, and produce a better image. In order to reduce and stop movie piracy, the goal of our initiative is to stop people from recording videos of films that are being viewed in theatres. Even if we are unable to completely eradicate it, we can lessen the costs brought on by piracy. We employ infrared radiations for this purpose since IR rays have the ability to be recognized by cameras but not by human eyes. Therefore, we employ this characteristic of infrared to stop the camera from recording the film. Given that direct infrared is harmful to humans, In the upper and lower portions of the bandwidth, we use the near-infrared spectrum.

Keywords: Infrared light; RFID; GSM; GPS;

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12210

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