Abstract: This project presents a modern approach for surveillance at remote and border areas using multifunctional robot based on current IOT technology used in defence and military applications. This robotic vehicle has ability to substitute the soldier at border areas to provide surveillance and services. The robotic vehicle works both as autonomous and manually controlled vehicle using internet as communication medium. This multi-sensory robot used to detect and diffuse the bombs, used to detect injured soldier and carry the injured person to base station, at remote and war field areas and to charge the equipment’s. Conventionally, wireless security robot is obsolete due to limited frequency range and limited manual control. These limitations are surmounted by using IOT technology which has limitless range. It can eliminate the need of deploying humans at hostile conditions at all the times. Moreover, in case if something suspicious is detected by the system, it must be able to take the necessary decisions and hence actions along with issuing alert messages for the human controllers. This robotic vehicle is designed for reconnaissance live update as well as surveillance under certain circumstances.

Keyword: IoT Technology, Multi Sensor Robot, Surveillance, Wi-Fi, Live update.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124133

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