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Abstract: This paper focuses on the study of combination of two modern teaching-learning methods for improvement of students’ knowledge and wisdom level in different educational courses. This study is proposed to calculate the effect of various teaching methodologies in education field. The combined methods are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy for Educational Objectives and B-learning. The paper shows study regarding different methods from traditional to modern one. There comparative study shows how improvement in current methods can be achieved. This research work explores available modern methods or resources other than traditional. In this research, impact of combination of Blooms Taxonomy and B-learning is studied and analyze whether it can enhance the student’s educational performance. The purpose of this paper is to study a set of core knowledge teaching-learning objectives for modern ethics education. The further aim of this work is to explore the opinion of students about teaching methodologies they found as the most interesting and best.

Keywords: Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, B-learning, Education, Traditional and Modern Methods, Teaching and Learning Methods

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.81115

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